SBA Program and Loan Compliance

Have you thought about an Independent Loan Review?


Consulting Services


  • Perform an SBA Independent Loan Review  
  • Prepare Banks and SBA Supervised Lenders for SBA exam
  • Acquired Loans Review
  • Review and update Credit Policies
  • Develop an Oversight Plan to manage your LSP Relationship 
  • LPA (aka PARRiS Benchmark Lender Report) & Datapack training
  • Lender SBA Staff training  
  • SBA Supervised Lenders
    • Independent Loan Review function
    • Review Internal Control policy
    • Review Asset Quality Classification standards
    • Assistance with Capital Plan/Business Plan
  • Credit Elsewhere Test Assessment 
  • Commercial Loan Reviews  
  • Due Diligence on Loan files


About Me

My name is Leslie Tripp. My 25 years of experience includes recent U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) PARRiS Lender Risk Based Review Compliance work.  My experience also includes 20+ years in Mortgage Operations, FDIC Loss Share Compliance reviews, and Mortgage Litigation project work. 

I am a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on SBA SOP Compliance.

Past Projects

  • SBA loan program assessment
  • SBA loan review for compliance to the SOP
  • AUP for SBA Lender
  • Internal Audit assist for SBA Lender
  • SBA Compliance Exam readiness for Lenders
  • LPA and Datapack training
  • Acquired loans review
  • Loan Review checklists and tool for Loan Review
  • Risk Rating and Commercial loan reviews

Contact us at or 240 508 8349

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